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One Instance Service
One Time Fix, One off Support.
$ 49.99  For  12 hours

Immediate Value for One incident support Plan.The Plan comes with a No-Subscription Mode and is good for only One Incident Support. We offer you the ease, comfort and reliability even with an Incident Service Plan.

  • It is good for getting the issues fixed only for a One off plan.
  • Its good for a One incident support, of a Virus check or removal.
  • Email Setup or Email Password recovery.
  • Printer Driver Installation, etc.

To know more about what is covered, feel free to call our Tech Support Team (1-877-258-8566)

3 Months on the Go
Quick 3 Months, so can you know its worth it.
$ 69.99  For  3 months

We're never intent of Pushing you into big orders with doubts. Just so you can verify we give you an option, for 3 Months Value Service Plan. 3 MONTHS Value Service Plan, for a $79.99, is good for ...

  • Softwares & Drivers,
  • Printers,
  • Installation, Uninstallation,
  • Slow computer, Performance Issues
  • Registry Errors, Missing Program files, Dlls or the programs itself, etc.

To know more about the Plan or Guarantee, please call our Support Team (1-877-258-8566).

6 Months QUICK
Quick 6 Months on the Go. Non-Recurring
$ 99.99  For  6 months

Quick 6 Months on the Go. Not sure if you should go for an Year! No worries, we've an ideal deal for you with assurance that we're here as an when needed as Instant Tech Support Expert for your system.

  • Support for all possible windows & software issues.
  • Price worth $99.99 But Real Value Worth way more.
  • Slow Performance, Virus or Infections.
  • Email Password recovery, Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook Problems.

To know more our Plan(s), please call our Tech Support Team at :- (1-877-258-8566).

12 Months Annual Plan
$50 OFF & 12 months, Assured Support.
$ 149.99  For  year

Straight 50$ Discount on 12 month Annual Subscription, LESS THAN 1$ a Day.

  • A Free Anti Virus (choose from Norton, CA, Microsoft).
  • Virus/Spywares/Malwares, Check and Cleanup.
  • Slow Computer & Cleanup + Performance Optimization.
  • Windows Update, System Restore issues.
  • Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari Browsers support.
  • Printers or Drivers Installation Support.
  • Installation & Updation of QUICKBOOKS.

To know what else you get covered for, call our Support Team now on (1-877-258-8566).